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Xbox One and PS4 mods

Having trouble getting your hands on the Madcatz Xbox One TE2? Want to have your stick prepared for the new fighters for PS4? I can mod your arcade stick so it plays on either the Xbox One or PS4. All … Continue reading

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Ouya Atrox stick

Time to reveal my latest creation. The Ouya Atrox. It is the retail Razer Atrox stick installed with the Ouya game system inside. It is multi-console modded with the PS360+ and has the Link installed, a detachable joystick. Custom artwork … Continue reading

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Gamecube LED controllers

I’ve been doing some led mods for clear gamecube controllers lately ($20+shipping, clear pad must be provided). Here is one of the most recent ones I’ve done. It has slow color changing leds that are always lit when plugged in … Continue reading

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