PS3 and 360 dual mods

Are you tired of not having the right arcade stick for the right system? All your friends play on the 360 while you only have a ps3 stick to play on your ps3 at home? You travel to a tournament and everything is ran on ps3, but you own a 360 stick? Well, my friend, you might want to think about getting your arcade stick dual modded. No more worrying about which system you'll have to play on because you'll be able to play on either one.

Dual modding a 360 arcade stick for ps3 is $120 and will have system auto-detection (Either a Cerberus or ChimpSMD is installed depending on supply stock). Price includes parts, labor, and return shipping.
360->PS3 dual mod

Dual modding a ps3 arcade stick for 360 is $120 and will have system auto-detection (A 360 Fightpad and Cerberus is installed). Price includes parts, labor, and return shipping.

Installation of both systems in a blank case or in an older generation arcade stick is $120 and will have system auto-detection (A 360 Fightpad and Cerberus is installed). Price includes parts, labor, and return shipping.

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  1. rob zheng says:

    hey, l plan to buy a mad catz te mlg stick for 360 soon. When l do, l would like it duel modded. I’m currently in Bucks County PA. How would l get the stick to you and also how long would it take? I didnt go to winterbrawl, but if l did, would you have been able to quickly do it there? If so, when is the next Philly event you will be modding at? Also do you do the service of having a different faceplate template put on and if so, how much do you charge for it? Thank you.

    • says:

      The next time I’ll be up in philly is for Summer Jam. You can ship your stick out to me to get modded. In most cases I’d have the stick dual modded the day I receive the stick and then shipped back out the following day. I don’t make custom faceplates, but if you buy one and supply it I can install it for you at no extra charge.

  2. Kenn says:

    Hi, how much will it cost to mod the hori commander pro 3 to work on the xbox? i just got one and quite dissapointed it doesnt work with a 360 – PS3 converter. im in the UK n would like to know what kind of help you guys can offer or how much you’ll charge for that…

  3. Jan says:

    I’m planning on buying a HitBox stick. I have a Xbox 360 which I would love to have it dual modded because it only works for PS3/PC. Does your dual modding service include plug and play for both consoles and SOCD clean up? How much would it cost me?


  4. Joel says:

    Hello, how much do you charge for replacing the Joystick and buttons of my Hori Tekken 6 Wireless Stick with Sanwa parts if supplied. Looking into changing the stock art as well. Thanks.

  5. Broderick Knox says:

    I have a Hori EX- SE for XBOX 360. Is that for $80 also? I also want to add new artwork whats the process for that?

  6. Mike Honcho says:

    Greetings, I was wondering if you could dual-mod a Xbox 360 Mortal Kombat Tournament stick, and if so would that be $80? Thanks

    • says:

      The 360 MK tournament stick made by PDP isn’t common ground. Its pcb will need to be replaced in order to have it dual modded. The cost would be $110 + shipping.

  7. John Yim says:

    I’m getting a ps3 madcatz and I want to make it compatible for xbox so I can I can play with my friends. If you can do that for me it would be very kind. Thank you.

  8. Michael says:

    how much for madcatz fight pad and by any chance do u do faceplate cover art?

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