Road to Evo tournaments

I'll be traveling to some of the 'Road to Evo' tournaments this year providing my modding services. Here's a list of the ones I will be attending. Check out the Events page for updates to any added tournaments that I will be attending.

Final Round, Atlanta, GA March 2-4
PowerUp 2012, Cincinnati, Ohio April 13-15
Civil War 4, Richmond, VA April 28-29
Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 8, Chicago, IL May 25-27
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8 Responses to Road to Evo tournaments

  1. Jeremy says:

    About how long would it take you to dual-mod an SE? I’ll be at Civil War 4, but I’m entering Skullgirls and would like to use my own stick when I have to play (probably won’t make it out of pools, honestly). Also, is the price still $80 if we get the mod done at a tournament?

  2. StriderX303 says:

    I’ll be at UFGT and was wondering how long it will take to mod a ps3 Hori Commando Pro pad? I have a spare Xbox360 TE stick can you use the PCB for the mod. How much will you charge for just the labor since I’m providing all the parts and will you offer a discount if I let you keep the TE stick to use for parts or whatever you want it for?

    • says:

      Normally I don’t offer that service during a tournament because of the amount of time it takes to mod that pad. However, luckily for you, I do have one FC pro pcb dual mod prewired so I could do the mod rather quickly.

  3. StriderX303 says:

    Sounds good! How much are we looking at?

    • says:

      $40+the 360 TE or $120.

      • StriderX303 says:

        Sounds good man. How would I find you to get this done? I would like to be able to get it done before the start of the tournaments. I’ll be in Chicago Thursday afternoon so I should be able to meet with you anytime after that. Also, I was planning to have someone local do the dual mod for me but he didn’t have the IMP V2 board and by the time he orders it and receives it, it’ll already be too late. The reason why I’m telling you this is because he had already taken out PCB board from TE stick and had cut the wires to do so. I still have all the parts but I just wanted to give you a heads up about it.

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