Ouya Atrox stick

Time to reveal my latest creation. The Ouya Atrox.

It is the retail Razer Atrox stick installed with the Ouya game system inside. It is multi-console modded with the PS360+ and has the Link installed, a detachable joystick. Custom artwork made by d3v. In the back are neutrik jacks for the Ouya's HDMI, USB, and power. The rj45 jack is for the PS360+. The Ouya's ac adapter and controller can be stored inside. A usb hub can also be stored inside in case you need to connect other controllers/flashdrives to the system.

I think the funniest thing about this stick is that to use it with the Ouya, the rj45-usb cable plugs into itself.
gocontourgo's Ouya_Atrox album on Photobucket
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