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  1. marvin says:

    Hey come chew my gum <3

  2. Yo gummo I’m interested in getting a dual mod for my xbox 360 Madcatz TE-s sometime soon. I was wondering if you had any christmas deals for the #hookup but get at me man

  3. I also looked at ur page on modding and couldn’t read all of the descriptions

  4. Joe O. says:

    Was wondering if you’d be interested in dual modding a Hori Fighting Commander 3 Pro for me.

  5. Boles says:

    how much would remapping and Dual modding on a Hori Commander 3 or a madcatz fight pad cost ?

  6. Domenic says:

    Any idea on how to place artwork inside a Clear Sanwa button? Thanks in advance

  7. BeefyMcBeefpunch says:

    Question about one of your youtube videos, i believe this one in particular is titled ” tournament legal 6 axis ps3 controller”…. About one of the ingredients used in this video: the ” mcthulhu”… What is it and where can i get one!?!? I researched this and only found something about a monster or something. After an hour or so i decided to check out your website and search for components to this particular mod. Honestly i dont even know what im looking for and itd be awesome if you guys could help me out.

  8. BeefyMcBeefpunch says:

    Sweet thanks

  9. Joshua says:

    Hello, I heard that you can fix arcade stick and was wondering is it possible if you can fix my quanba stick. The start button wire is not connected and like the rest of the buttons are not working properly when trying to do a wave dash with the M and H button. How much would it cost it get it look at and fix?

    • says:

      All in all it depends on what the route cause of the problems is. It could range from a few bucks for new buttons all the way up to requiring the pcb to be replaced.

  10. John says:

    How much to replace the stock stick/buttons on a US Tekken 5 Anniversary Stick with sanwa stick/buttons?

  11. Joelson Rollan says:

    Hello. I have a Qanba Q4RAF (without PCB) that I’d like to be triple wireless mod (PS3, XBOX360, & Wii). Could you tell me how much would it cost for the mod? Thanks.

  12. chireu says:

    Hello, how much would it cost for you to mod a hori fighting commader pro to fully functionally work on an xbox 360?

  13. Len says:

    Hey Gummowned, is there anyway you could dual mod a PS3 controller to work on a 360 & PS3? That or just make it work on 360 only if dual modding it isn’t possible.

    I’ve really gotten used to the dualshock 3 but more tournies are using 360’s these days. I wanna get it done before Civil War .

  14. Len says:

    How much would it cost and how long would it take?

  15. Hey. Saw the WinterBrawl video on SRK.

    I’m looking to price check various modders to do some sticks for me using an Cthulu board to enable PS3, PS2, PS1, Xbox 1, SNES, Saturn, N64, Dreamcast, and PC on my 360 sticks. I own 3 TEs, 1 TE-S (which was in the process of being modded), a Hori EX stick (the larger kind) and a unique coffee table with a pair of sticks built in.

    I also am very interested in some of the custom light work you’ve got going on, and wondered about your ability to do custom art as well. I *REALLY* want to have a custom Gen themed stick, a Crow themed stick, and who knows what else.

    Lastly, i was curious if you had the ability to “spread out” the stick from the buttons at all. i know it would be a bit of a pain, but the TE sticks have always felt too “cramped” for me.

    feel free to email me about any of this.

    Thanks, and great work

  16. Len says:

    When will you know, I wanna send it to you asap?

  17. Emilio says:

    Hey I have a Tekken 6 wireless Arcade stick and I was wondering would you be able to dual mod it? How much would it cost? I already changed the ball, buttons, and gate. Also would you happen to know where I could get new artwork for it? Thanks in advance. I live in NY.

  18. stiv says:

    hello, good job on ur modds, pls i have both the fighting commander 3 and fighting commander 3 pro. how much will it cost to dual mod each one respectively? i live in canada. pls reply asap. thank you.

  19. ben says:

    Good day to you, i have this controller Xbox 360 HORI PAD EX2,
    i like it for fighting games on my xbox 360, but the button layouts sucks for shoulder buttons, can you map them to the fighting commander 3 pros settings with the right shoulder buttons being the 3ppp and 3kkk. and how much will this cost. thank you

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