Added products page.

I've added a products page to the site. For now I've listed some classic controllers that I've modded for PC/PS3 with internal thumbdrives up for sale. From time to time I'll also include pre-modded arcade sticks when I acquire them. Share
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USB N64 Pad mod

I've added another classic controller to the list of pads I can convert to PS3/PC with internal 8 gig thumbdrive. That's plenty of space to put all your games onto the controller. Plus you won't have to worry about keeping track of your save-states and controller configurations. The newest addition is the N64 pad. Modded so far now are the NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, Saturn, and PS1 pads. Send me an E-mail if you would like one of these made or if there is a specific system controller I haven't done yet get made. Each modded pad is $100+shipping.

gocontourgo's N64 Pad album on Photobucket
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Razer’s Beta Arcade Stick

I just received one of Razer's beta arcade sticks in the mail today. I had signed up for the beta program nearly a year ago. Last month I received an email telling me that I was one of 200 others chosen for this beta program. In the photo album are pictures of what I got. I also had my crack at dual modding the stick. Using Phreakazoid's newest product, the Cerberus, I was able to install the dual mod inside the pcb shell right underneath the 360 pcb. After I completed it, you couldn't tell it was dual modded in the first place.
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