I've been receiving an increasing amount of comment approval notifications for spam comments lately. To combat that, I'll be requiring people to register in order to leave a comment. If you wish to ask a question about any mods I prefer you email me at instead. I'll be able to respond much quicker than if you left a question in a comment. Thank you. Share
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USB classic controllers with internal thumbdrive

Make sure you attend UFGT8 this weekend so you can get the chance to win one of four different classic controllers modded to play on the PC and with an internal thumb-drive.
There will be a NES, SNES, Genesis, and Saturn pad.

If you won't be able to attend or don't happen to win, but you still want one, I will be making more for sale.

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PS2 SuperGun

My friend Dsinnie recently obtained a Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo arcade board. He requested for me to build a SuperGun for him so he could play with his ST board on his home tv and ps2 stick. I reused a broken PS2 system to house the components that make up a SuperGun. Inside is a computer PSU, rgb->composit+s-video converter, Toodle's FGW converter, and JAMMA harness. Reused from the PS2 system is the ps2 controller ports, av port, ac port and switch, fan, and reset/eject buttons (test/service). A build video was made and can be viewed at my youtube channel.

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